As I said, I just got out of a really bad relationship. I kicked him out and I had all these bills and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I was also on different social media websites and I just wanted to talk to different people. I was on OK Cupid and I had enough of guys. I could post an innocent picture of myself, even just my face, and guys would flood my inbox with sexual suggestions. I’d have 200 guys in my inbox and it was annoying and they only wanted one thing. I was sick of it. I talked to this one girl who was really hot. She messaged me back and we flirted a little bit. She told me I had the perfect body and face for adult films and magazines. She asked me if I ever considered doing it. She worked for an agency and had done some videos herself. I had been approached with offers like this in the past and they usually were. But this one was perfect. I thought maybe this was a sign. I’m very spiritual but not religious. So I felt like this had to be something good. My ex and I were pretty freaky and he loves taking pictures of me. So I kind of learned how to pose from him. I took these really hot pictures and sent them in. And, by the way, I had braces. I walked down two flights of stairs at my house and before I hit the floor, I had a phone call. It was a 544 number and I thought it was a bill collector. I thought for a second and decided to answer it. It was an agent and he asked when I could down to Miami. I had animals to take care of and after a day or so, I flew down there. It was totally random. I had pursued modeling in the past and was starting to embrace my sexual side. I just had a ‘fuck it’ in me.